Arrowman of the Year


The Barry Snyder Arrowman of the Year

The Barry Snyder Arrowman of the Year Awards are presented annually at the Chapter or Lodge Banquet. The purpose of this award is to honor the most outstanding Arrowman for their cheerful service and participation in Chapter activities during the year.

  • Witatschimosin: (adult) Determined by the youth on the Chapter Executive Committee.
  • Allogagan: (youth) Determined by the adults on the Chapter Executive Committee.


  1. The award can only be earned once as either an adult or as a youth.
  2. Voting is done by the youth for the adult recipient and by the adults for the youth recipient. Those who can vote for the award recipients include all voting members of the Chapter Executive Committee. The respective advisers to these youth comprise the voting group for the youth recipient. Any youth or adult member can attend his/her respective meeting and speak on behalf of a particular nominee but cannot vote. Voting shall continue until a clear winner has been selected with the ballots being counted by the Chapter Chief and one other youth for the adult award and the Chapter Advisor and one other adult for the youth award.
  3. The Chapter Chief and the Chapter Advisor are ineligible to be selected the year that they hold their respective positions.

Arrowman Recipients


  • Witatschimosin: Jim Leon
  • Allogagan: TBA


  • Witatschimosin: Chuck McNally
  • Allogagan: Adam Sommers

2013 Inaugural Year

  • Witatschimosin: Kimberly Sommers
  • Allogagan: Tim Kraus