Legacy Sash Program

Tortugas Legacy Sash Program

The Tortugas Legacy Sash Program is a program in where a member, youth or adult, of Tortugas Chapter provides their Order of the Arrow Sash as a Legacy Sash. The Legacy Sash will be passed to another member, of equal stature, to wear until the bearer commits the sash for retirement, progresses in stature, or leaves Tortugas Chapter. At which point, the sash will be moved to the wall of honour. The wall of honour may be a physical wall where the Chapter meets, and/or displayed at call out ceremonies / OA Chapter Events.

Youth Member Nomination Restrictions:

A youth sash may be nominated for membership in the Tortugas Legacy Sash Program at the end of term of offices, i.e. during the election for new officers meeting. Eligibility for nomination is restricted to positions of responsibility and any team member, ceremony, dance, drum. Nomination will be voted upon by membership, by secret ballot. If elected for the Tortugas Legacy Sash Program, the youth may provide the sash then, or wait till he progresses to a higher level of membership.

Adult Member Nomination Restrictions:

Adult members, may choose to leave their sash as a legacy sash at any time they progress to a higher level of membership. Vigil members are eligible to leave their sash as legacy sashes at any point in time. Adult members must have held some advisory position within the chapter.

Recipient Restrictions:

The nominee may bestow his sash to any member of his choosing, or have his sash directly retired.

Legacy Sash Description:

A legacy sash will be signed by the original owner, in black, in a location suitable for display. A short narrative will/can be provided stating the history of the sash, years of service, or ceremonies completed. The narrative will be written on an index card, or printed on a 3×5”. This narrative will be present with the sash when displayed. Upon retiring of a legacy sash from the recipient, he will add his own narrative and signature to the sash, in red.


Current Legacy Sashes:

Name – Sash Honor – Sash Status (Nominated, Retired, or Possessor)
  • Robert Wilbur – Vigil – Retired
  • Jonathan Lindsey – Brotherhood – Thomas Ontiveros – Retired
  • Daulton Plaatje – Nominated
  • Adam Sommers – Ordeal – Dylan Sommers
  • Chuck McNally – Ordeal – Lauretta McNally
  • Steve Shively (From Wapaha) – Brotherhood – KC West
  • Cindy Schultz – Ordeal – Bobby Kitcey
  • Barry Snyder – Ordeal – Richard