Gila Bug Society

The Gila Bug Society

“Vigil Spirit Sticks”


Date Presented Name Spirit Name
July 2015 Shannon Patterson Camp Master
July 2015 Robert Ash Medicine
July 2015 Jonathan Lindsey Digital Chief
August 2014 Eric Riley Smooth Leader
August 2014 Lowell Stokes Straight Talker
July 2013 Paul Grubel Camp Advocate
July 2013 Lance Wright Hard Worker
June 2012 Robert Wilbur Keeper of the Store
June 2012 Paul Deason Spirit Maker
July 2011 Lee Deford Keeper of Picture History
July 2011 Jack Peterson Finder of Friends
May 2010 Jim Libbin
May 2009 Tony Ray
May 2009 David Jones
May 2009 Rusty Folk
April 2008 Sharron Austin
April 2008 Derald Stange Keeper of Papers
July 2007 Eddie Anchondo
July 2007 Don Perry
April 2006 Waldo Allen Wise Man
December 2004 Alice Panko Blue Jay That Speaks
December 2004 Richard Tolman Camp Chief
April 2004 Jim Hanna Keeper Of The Tortugas
April 2004 Dave Panko Drum Beater
April 2003 Hal Sontag Napper Of Points
April 2003 George Foret Buffalo Builder Of Youth
May 2002 John Jones Healer Who Travels
May 2002 Gary Boudreau Quiet Leader
May 2002 Paul Bonsky Fire Builder
May 1999 Bruce Perkins Brotherhood Leader
May 1999 Hannah Keeler Vigil Mother
May 1998 Chuck Gardner Little Beaver On The Trail
May 1998 Mark Gormley Reliable Camp Chief
May 1997 Dean Klansnic Beaver Who Cooks
May 1997 Javier Mendoza Ceremonial Leader
May 1997 Sam Copeland Dancer
May 1997 Randy Copeland Faithful Leader
May 1997 Gene Wadford Chief With Fire
April 1996 Jack Sturgis One Who Cooks With Iron
April 1996 Dean Klansnic Round Cooking Beaver
April 1996 Pete Dunavant Stands On One Leg
April 1996 Charles Dodd III Triangle Fire Chief
April 1996 Jeff Bowers Friendly Tortugas
April 1996 Jay Austin He Who Protects The Forest
April 1995 Gary Rayson Knowledgeable Tortugas
April 1995 Paul LaRue Triangle Fire Leader
April 1995 Dale Abernathy Medicine Eye Advisor
April 1995 Dennis Hellberg Beaver That Never Stops
April 1995 Dennis Downing Arrow That Hits Target
April 1995 Don Hansen Thunder & Lightning