The Brotherhood

brosash_smBrotherhood Requirements:

  • 10 months of service, after completing your Ordeal.
  • Take the brotherhood class.
  • Write a letter to the lodge secretary on the four topics:
    • What does the obligation mean to you?
    • How have you been fulfilling the Obligation to your unit and in your daily life?
    • How have you demonstrated your understanding of the traditions of the Ordeal?
    • How will you further your chapter, or lodge?
  • Complete the brotherhood walk.
  • Participate in the brotherhood ceremony.

Yes, it is that simple.  Sealing your membership with the Order takes but just a few hours of your time.  It is a very personal experience.  The ordeal took you from something others, both members and non-members found you worthy of, to a physical commitment to those ideals.  Take on the brotherhood and reaffirm your commitment both mentally and personally.

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